MoveTown? How it started…

In 2020 it started with an idea to gather people from all over the world and convince them to run 100km in 1 month (we were all in Corona lockdown remember ;-)). Finally we gathered 2500 people from all over the world running together and posting pictures under #100kmCoronaRun… Nice! Mission accomplished!

01.01.2021… let’s try something else! Still in semi lockdown, closed restaurants and no parties at all… let’s combine sports & party. Sports??? Yes of course…not much more to do hé? Party??? Yes of course…we have been dreaming about a nice party for more than one year, haven’t we???

After one sleepless night the idea became reality: subscribe, challenge yourself and if you succeed, we promise you a great party on Saturday 28.08.21.

Ooooo yeah… we earn NOTHING on this initiative. And if there would be some money left then we’ll give it to Natuurpunt.

Very simple: challenge yourself, succeed and party with us… the only thing we ask is to trust that you will get a nice evening for your € 50 :-). That’s a promise!