MoveTown… The rules

MoveTown in detail:

  • We have a unique but secret event for you on Saturday 28.08.21.
  • You can be part of this but then you need to register on this website, choose a challenge and pay online.
  • Once subscribed you will automatically be on our mailinglist because we want to keep you updated and motivated.
  • Join our Strava Club “MoveTown Run” or “MoveTown Cycle”so we can track your activities (run, cycle or both).
  • Make sure you succeed  in your challenge latest on 27.08.21.
  • Post your activities on social media with #movetown.
  • If you are subscribed and you have accomplished your challenge, you will get your ticket for MoveTown Party from us via e-mail.
  • Exact location (between Brussels and Antwerp) will be announced around August 1th.
  • On Saturday 28.08.21 we will have a wonderful evening together (entrance, food, party and parking incl.). Drinks not included.
  • Limited spots available and FULL=FULL :-).
  • Once you have participated you will get the first right to participate the next year. Every year on the 1th of January you will receive a new challenge for the next year. And if you succeed, you will get a ticket for MoveTown Party taking place every year last Saturday of August.

More rules to know:

  • One person taking the challenge can buy immediately 2 tickets for MoveTown Party. Only one has to succeed in the challenge. We have limited spots available for the party so … if you want to be sure, buy 2 tickets direclty.
  • We count your running and/or cycling activities from 01.01.21 until 27.08.21. Strava will tell us if you have really succeeded. And don’t fool us/yourself.
  • Once you have chosen a challenge, you need to succeed in this one. There is no option to change your challenge into another one because you think you will not make it. So aim high but be realistic.
  • If you have not succeeded in your challenge, you have lost your participation fee. No exceptions (only medical issues) because this is uno: our concept and duo: you have blocked a spot on MoveTown Party. A spot that we cannot give to someone else.