Straight from my heart…

Happiness is sharing great moments and making other people happy. OK…might sound a bit “cheesy” or “bla bla” but I am serious (for once…). It has always driven me in life. I can REALLY become excited and happy when I can organise something that brings people together. If I can combine connecting people with music, food and drinks well… then it is REALLY my cup of tea!

From my heart: thanks for all help Jurgen, Jos, Pasquale and Jeroen!

So our goals are…

  • to connect you with other people.
  • to get you out in the nature to exercise with friends (bringing you together with your friends to run or cycle).
  • to bring you together on a great party with nice food, music and drinks.
  • to give you a happy time!
  • I hope you will motivate and convince other friends and family to join this challenge and party too.
  • I need a challenge myself and want to give you one… Well a sporty one we both have now…

Big hug!

Maarten Raes